State Reappoints Three Directors to IPBC Board

Monday November 24, 2014 – The Independent State of Papua New Guinea has reappointed three Directors to the Board of the Independent Public Business Corporation of Papua New Guinea (IPBC).

The reappointments were made following the recommendation of Hon. Ben Micah, Minister for Public Enterprises and State Investments and were officially approved by the National Executive Council (NEC) on Wednesday November 19.

The reappointments, for three year terms, are as follows:

Mr Peter Aitsi, Nominee of Transparency International (PNG) Inc;

Mr Michael Koisen, Nominee of the PNG Chamber of Commerce and Industry Limited; and

Mr Aho Baliki, Nominee of the PNG Institute of Bankers.

Chairman of the IPBC Mr Paul Nerau welcomed the appointments and thanked the three directors for their dedicated service to the Board of the IPBC.

The three appointees join existing directors whose tenure remains current.

The Board of the IPBC is as follows:

Mr Paul Nerau, OBE AIMM LLB, Chairman

Mr Peter Aitsi, MBE, Deputy Chairman

Mr Aho Baliki, Director

Mr Michael Koisen, Director

Dr Mosey Sau, Director

Dr Lawrence Kalinoe, Director (Ex-officio)

Mr Dairi Vele, Director (Ex-officio)

Mr Wasantha Kumarasiri, OBE, Managing Director