National Development Bank

National Development Bank (NDB) is the successor company to the former Rural Development Bank. Founded in 1967 its primary function is to provide accessible development credit to the people of Papua New Guinea to help them engage in income-generating activities to improve their standard of living.

Primary focus is on development in rural areas where 80% of the population reside. Since its establishment in 1967 the Bank has provided more than K1 billion in affordable loans to customers in all sectors with up to 50% of loans going to the agriculture sector.

NDB’s Corporate Plan and Strategies for the next 5 years (2012-2016) revolve around the vision of seeing NDB become the pride of our nation by empowering the indigenous Papua New Guineans to reclaim their birth right whilst delivering the highest value to all stakeholders. NDB’s vision is to see more Papua New Guineans – especially those in rural areas – get access to financial services to start-up or grow their economic activities and then move up to become SMEs and large companies.

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