Air Niugini Limited

Air Niugini commenced operations in 1973 and since August 1996 has operated as a company under the Companies Act reporting to the Government through the IPBC. Air Niugini’s core business function is to provide international and domestic air services for passengers and cargo to and from Papua New Guinea.

As part of an overall industry reform, IPBC is undertaking a review of the existing operations of Air Niugini with a view to streamline non-core business activities and explore options related to the separation of international and domestic route services.

Along with this will be a review of the management structure of the organisation. The focus is for Air Niugini to continue to operate profitably in a competitive environment whilst meeting the demands of its customers.

In September 2014, the Minister for Public Enterprise and State Investments confirmed the Government’s intention to sell 49% of the airline so that it remains “viable and competitive.” The sale would be “the benchmark for future Government asset sales and public-private partnerships.”

Air Niugini has a fleet of 27 aircraft consisting of 2x Boeing 767-300 series; 2x B737-800 series; 1x 737-700 series; 7x F100; 6x Dh8-4000 (Q400); 4x Dh8-315; 3x Dh8-200; 1x ATR 72 Freighter and 1x Falcon Dassault 900.

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