Welcome to Kumul Consolidated Holidings (KCH)

KCH is the entity which holds in trust, the Government’s non-petroleum and non-mining assets.  KCH (formerly known as IPBC) was established in July 2002 under the Independent Public Business Corporation of Papua New Guinea Act 2002 (the “IPBC Act”).  KCH, is mandated to hold all Government-owned commercial assets in trust and to manage those assets to improve commercial performance and underpin economic development. KCH is not responsible for the Government’s mineral, oil and gas assets.

Our Vision

To enchance and transform all State-Owned Enterprises to deliver premier services and economic returns.

Our Values

Kumul Consolidated Holding’s unifying values of integrity, passion and professionalism are epitomised in one common goal: to ensure quality SOE service provision to the people of PNG.

Our Mission

To steer the holiding entity and its respective SOEs to become profitable organisations; delivering reliable, affordable and efficient services whilst adhering to good corporate governance and best practices.

Investor Centre

Online services, shareholder meeting information, frequently asked questions.


    Key Impact Projects


          We remain committed to developing positive change in our communities.


   What we do


       Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH) is Papua New Guinea Government’s

       trustee shareholder in the state-owned enterprises.

Latest News

KCH contributes to fight against coronavirus

Kumul Consolidated Holdings is making generous contributions to the nation’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the Minister for State Enterprises, Mr Sasindran Muthuvel, said today.