Post PNG

Post PNG was created under the Postal Services Act of 1996.  Post PNG is the national Postal Service provider of Papua New Guinea with 42 locations and 360 employees nationwide. Post PNG is mandated through Postal Services Act 1996 and is responsible for providing postal services including domestic money order (money remittances) in Papua New Guinea. Post PNG is subject to price control by the ICCC under the Prices and Regulations Act.


Similar to most international Postal Services, Post PNG experienced significant declines in addressed letter volumes and other traditional businesses of postal operations. The company embarked on opportunities to diversify its service offering through investment in logistics and courier operations – air, sea and land freight and small parcel service, retail one-stop-shops and financial services. The significant footprint offered by the business puts Post PNG in a position of strength – purchase of airline tickets, to paying bills to money transfer. Post PNG is also investing in technology and innovation to enhance service offering, whilst improving productivity and efficiency.

Annual Audit & Financial Statements