National Development Bank (NDB) is the development finance institution of Papua New Guinea.  It is wholly owned by KCH as trustee for the Government and people of Papua New Guinea.  NDB is the successor company to the former Rural Development Bank Limited.  Founded in 1967, its primary function is to provide accessible development credit to citizens to help them engage in income generating activities to improve their standard of living.  It has a particular focus on development in rural areas where 81% of the population resides.


Since its establishment in 1967, NDB has provided loans to customers in all sectors, with up to 31% of loans going to the agriculture sector and 69% to the SME sector.  Its current products include long term agriculture and commercial loans, credit scheme loans including a fisheries credit facility and support for the Small Business Development Corporation Credit Guarantee Scheme.

NDB currently operates under three core platforms, the parent entity NDB Bank, and its subsidiaries; People’s Micro Bank Limited and NDB Investments Limited.

The Government is considering commercialization of NDB under its SME Policy 2016-2030 and SME Master Plan to establish the first SME Bank.

Audited Financial Statements