Minister Duma acknowledges RPNGC: the real superheroes

September 28, 2016

Minister for Public Enterprises & State Investments Hon. William Duma today joined Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH) and the State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in acknowledging the work of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC).

The acknowledgement came as Minister Duma on behalf of Prime Minister O’Neill presented a cheque of K500,000 to assist in the RPNGC’s participation in the XVI Australasia Police & Emergency Services Games.

The funding provided by KCH and its SOEs will also enable RPNGC to purchase much-needed office equipment, such as computers, filing cabinets, tables and chairs as the organisation struggles to meet the growing demands placed upon it.

This is in addition to the need for accommodation, travel and uniforms to cater for RPNGC’s participation in the AP&ES Games.

Minister Duma said: “The AP&ES Games is branded as the Games for the real Superheroes. The Royal PNG Constabulary are indeed our real superheroes as we place our lives and well-being in their capable hands on a daily basis.”

On behalf of Prime Minister O’Neill and his Government, “I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge the fine work they do in ensuring safety and security within our community.”

“RPNGC’s preparation and training for the Games will also be a good stepping stone as they prepare for the APEC Summit in 2018. We want to ensure our services are physically prepared and in good shape for the challenge ahead.”

“I also acknowledge and commend KCH and our SOEs for taking the initiative in providing the financial backing to ensure the RPNGC can attend and represent our country at the Games.”

“This is yet another example of the work that our SOEs do within our community.”

“Such activity often goes unmentioned and unrecognised.”

“The 2015 Pacific Games would not have been possible without our SOEs. Now our SOEs have stepped up and supported our superheroes, the RPNGC as they prepare for the AP&ES Games in Australia.”

“I think the true value of our SOEs is greatly underrated. In fact it is something difficult to quantify.”

“Besides providing essential services, SOEs do tremendous work within our community – such as servicing non-profitable sectors of our economy, filling the gaps, providing training and career opportunities, and supporting charities and various community initiatives such as RPNGC’s involvement in the AP&ES Games.”

The RPNGC is planning to send a 150-member team to the AP&ES Games, branded as the “Games for (the real) Superheroes”. The Games take place on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia from 8-15 October, 2016.

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