Minister opens Lae Port development project

Monday June 18 2012

The Minister for Public Enterprises, Sir Mekere Morauta, said today he was disappointed that threats to
disrupt the nation’s power supply were continuing.

“On Friday I had an amicable and constructive meeting with the PNG Power unions,” he said.

“We discussed a number of issues and worked out an approach that was satisfactory to all parties.

“Most importantly I repeated my assurances that there would be no redundancies as a result of our plan
to rehabilitate Port Moresby’s power supply.

“I also reiterated my assurances that no PNG power workers would lose any entitlements or terms and
conditions of employment whatsoever.

“I also told the unions that PPL would continue to hold all the generating assets, as they do now. There
is simply no plan to sell or transfer those assets out of PPL control.

“We also agreed on a way for workers to deal with PNG Power over their past entitlements – identify
each issue and deal with them one by one, in isolation from any other considerations.

“But it appears that a couple of very desperate would-be politicians have been spreading
misinformation and half-truths to further their own political careers.

“This is what is behind the continuing threats. It is dishonest and malicious and in no-one’s interest
except a couple of political opportunists.”

Sir Mekere appealed to PNG Power workers to put the nation ahead of the interests of a few

Disruptions on the basis of false and misleading information would put the safety of tens of thousands
of people at risk.

Ill-conceived action would also jeopardise the future of the Port Moresby power supply.

Sir Mekere said: “I urge the management and unions of PNG Power to sit together, discuss and find an
amicable solution to any problems they have over past entitlements; problems which we all agreed had
nothing to do with the issue of rehabilitation of Port Moresby’s run-down generating assets to produce
reliable power supply for the national capital.”

Mekere Morauta KCMG MP
Minister for Public Enterprises

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