Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH) is Papua New Guinea’s flagship trustee working with the State-Owned Enterprises to improve the national landscape for potential investment.

Investment is vital for any economy, with direct links to growth, increased exports, higher employment rates, improvements within communities and the overall sustainability and diversity of the economy.

Papua New Guinea is unquestionably a frontier for foreign direct investment – the emerging prospects have the capacity to deliver significant returns.

Exploring opportunities to invest in any new economy is an important strategic decision. Research is undertaken, market opportunities reviewed, cost of entry established and the risks associated with launching into a new market evaluated. KCH works with International investors and their representatives to provide the information required to make informed decisions on the country, the investment model, the risks and prospects . The team at KCH have the capabilities and expertise to support the initial inquiry on any significant international investor seeking to commence due diligence on a market that has, in essence, untapped potential in a variety of sectors.

KCH is actively working to open the doors more widely to the international community, to invite blue-chip partners to consider Papua New Guinea as their next global progression. We have continued improvements occurring nationally across our power network with billions being invested into new programs to reduce power costs utilising sustainable, renewable technology. We have restructured and revitalized our communications network, including our international and domestic submarine cables. We have merged our Water utilities to combine resources and ensure our clean water solutions and sanitation activities are shared throughout communities. We have established a consolidated Agriculture programme that partners landowners, district and provincial administrations, land, technology and investment to develop sustained agri-businesses.

KCH has a demonstrated track record of success in the establishment of productive investment partnerships across Papua New Guinea.

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