Bmobile-Vodafone: Service, Focus, Future

Wednesday April 8, 2015 – (article by Gynnie Kero, reprinted courtesy of the National newspaper)

When the Bmobile-Vodafone executives asked me to try the service, I happily accepted and I have only been impressed. Be it the call quality, the coverage around the city and country or the data speeds. The team at Bmobile-Vodafone has clearly been working hard to overcome all obstacles that they encounter.

I spoke to Sundar Ramamurthy, Group CEO – Bmobile-Vodafone in PNG and Solomon Islands and here is a summary of our discussion.

GK: Why should people of PNG use Bmobile-Vodafone?

SR: We provide great quality service at the right price. Take for example our Unlimited bundles, they let you make unlimited calls, send SMS and surf the data at as low as K15 over two weeks. Our network quality has become very good. With the introduction of Vodafone Group we can now measure and manage our network in close alignment to what is “worlds best practice”. With our network upgraded across the country, not only will you get our coverage, but also get the best quality. At an affordable price.

GK: Which locations of PNG are you present now?

SR: Our services are available in all major towns across PNG. We are also in all minor towns. Our subscribers get continuous coverage from Lae right up to Hagen along the Highlands Highway. This is important as the Highlands Highway is an important artery within the country.

GK: What has been the total investment in making all of the above happen?

SR: We are very careful with how much we spend, this is the money of the PNG people and we want to use it well. Apart from the above, we have also invested in value added services such as buying Easipay power, getting your Nasfund and Nambawan Super balance.

GK: What is Vodafone’s role in the management of Bmobile-Vodafone?

SR: Vodafone is world’s largest telecommunications company with more than 465million customers. Bmobile has partnered with them to become one of the world’s most progressive telecom company; whether it is through the quality of products or marketing activities or customer service. We measure ourselves against the best in the world, our benchmarks are what Vodafone sets for all of the above in the markets that they operate in. So Vodafone becomes more of a guide to help us offer better services and they do that by sharing their knowledge, learning and expertise. We hope to make the most of this partnership and get the maximum benefit from this partnership.

GK: What is Bmobile-Vodafone focusing on these days?

SR: The last year was spent in building the network and while that will continue as an ongoing task; this year our priorities are the products we offer, creating a strong brand, customer service and user experience. In the last three months, we have launched products offering unlimited calls, our caller tune service called Beatz and other plans to help people make the best of their credits.

Going forward, we are also keen to develop our post-paid products for the customers who prefer to pay on a monthly basis rather than daily recharges. We are also bringing special product that cater to specific needs of enterprises, these could be anything from SMS voting to campaign management and more.

GK: Where do you see Bmobile-Vodafone in a year from now?

SR: In a year, we would like to see Bmobile-Vodafone as providing genuine choice to the customers in PNG.  If NICTA was to introduce number portability like in many developed markets, we will be able to get many more people switching to our service and keeping their number. This would help competition intensify and provide greater benefits to the people in PNG. A strong vibrant telecommunications sector brings innovation and services to everyone.