What we do

Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH) is Papua New Guinea Government’s trustee shareholder in the state-owned enterprises. KCH are tasked with oversight to ensure the appropriate delivery of services across the country in industry sectors from aviation to insurance, power to banking, agriculture to port infrastructure. The asset base is significant and the responsibility to ensure proper governance, suitable accountability and culpability is central. KCH has a responsibility to the employee base of each of the entities, to promote succession, capacity growth through skills development and the endorsement of competent and capable leadership.

SOE Dimensions

Investement by industry sector

KCH was established as the primary shareholder in each of the assets that cover critical infrastructure, to assets of significant global brand value like the National Airline carrier, Air Niugini.

It was designed so KCH becomes the visionary with a national interest to collectively improve the performance within each of the SOE’s whilst continuing to promote the delivery of affordable, reliable, consistent products and services.

While the SOE’s continue to work within their individual framework, KCH provides the external rigour to test the strategies and directions for each asset, employing appropriate measures and oversight.

KCH is committed to our role as an investor in our portfolio, seeking to deliver sustainable returns over the long term, and make a difference in what we do with each of the SOE’s. We focus on key areas including performance management, capital allocation, and investment strategies. Our goal is to increase revenue, drive profitability and seek new partnerships that delivers national benefits for the people and government of Papua New Guinea.

KCH looks beyond the now to seek new opportunities and investments that secure the future of the nation. The future of Papua New Guinea growth revolves around having critical infrastructure that operates to global standards. As our assets progress and continue to deliver, this encourages foreign investment to our shores.

KCH monitors the global stage of investment and new technologies to provide the insights required for our assets future. We monitor the outcomes and achievements of similar portfolio’s and apply these international learnings to the next stages of our SOE’s investment.

Finally, at KCH we consider environmental, social and governance factors when we make or endorse investment decisions. We encourage our SOE’s to adopt responsible and sustainable practices in their businesses, operations and supply chains. We are focused on their future and the future of Papua New Guinea.

The above chart indicates the asset value and investment by industry sector, across all KCH concerns.