Kumul Consolidated Holdings 


KCH is the entity which holds in trust, the Government’s non-petroleum and non-mining assets.  KCH (formerly known as IPBC) was established in July 2002 under the Independent Public Business Corporation of Papua New Guinea Act 2002 (the “IPBC Act”).  KCH, is mandated to hold all Government-owned commercial assets in trust and to manage those assets to improve commercial performance and underpin economic development. KCH is not responsible for the Government’s mineral, oil and gas assets.

Our Vision

Lead Progressive transformation across our portfolio of State-Owned Enterprises to generate strong economic and social returns for the people of Papua New Guinea.

Our Mission

Empower our State-Owned Enterprises with the guidance, capabilities and resources needed to sustainably grow and deliver high quality services to the people of Papua New Guinea.

Our Values

Kumul Consolidated holding’s unifying values of integrity, passion and professionalism are epitomised in one common goal to ensure quality SOE service provision to the people of Papua New Guinea.

About Us

KCH is an entity established under the Kumul Consolidated Holidings Act 2002 (as amended- KCH Act. And is the Trustee of the General Business Trust that holds, in trust on behalf of the Government and people of Papua New Guinea, the shares of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in the non-mining and no petroleum sectors. It also manages infrastructure projects throughout PNG such as hydorelectric power facilities, metropolitan sewerage systems and port developments.  


Investor Centre

Online services, shareholder meeting information and FAQs.


Key impact projects

Water and Sanitation

Major projects committed to improving water supply, hygiene and sanitations.


Implementing key energy projects, harnessing natural resources to generate cost effective power.


Developing PNG’s port facilities into major transhipment hub, while integrating recreational facilities for leisure and business.


Delivering major telecommunication infrastructure upgrades, allowing PNG to access more reliable and affordable services.


Important Notice : Phishing Scam

Important Notice : Phishing Scam

Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH) is alerting the public of a fraudulent website (shown above) circulating on social media platforms, that purports to be a KCH recruitment portal.

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Solar Power for East New Britain

Solar Power for East New Britain

Minister for State Enterprises, Hon. William Duma, today announced the signing of an MOU between Kumul Consolidated Holdings and the East New Britain Provincial Government that paves the way for a solar power project that will ensure greater electricity reliability in that province.

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