Telikom PNG Limited

Telikom PNG Limited was incorporated on 1st July 1955 to own and operate the telecommunications network in Papua New Guinea. It is wholly owned by the state through a shareholding held by IPBC.Telikom PNG enjoyed a monopoly in the telecommunications industry until 2007 when competition was introduced to the mobile phone segment in July of 2007.

Apart from its fixed-line core telecommunication business, which accounts for 50% of gross revenue, Telikom also provides data transmission services to the business community via a Digital Data Network and 349 VSAT. International calls are made via satellite and cable.

Telikom offers retail business of voice and data broadband services along with wholesale business of these voice and data services.

Its network is entirely digital, extensive and a well-established combination of microwave radio, satellite and intra-city optical fiber transmission systems that connect to a nationwide network through telephone exchanges and data switches while linking PNG worldwide with it Optical Ground Wire system and submarine cables through PPC-1 PIPE in Madang and APNG 2 at Ela Beach.

With its proud history of service spanning over five decades, Telikom is into the business of providing advanced innovative communication solutions in PNG and clients in the region.

New products are also available to help families and businesses alike have more reliable access to telephone and internet. The aim is to continue the increase in the number of homes connected to the national network, where fixed line local calls are still the cheapest option for staying in touch.

Services currently available feature landline, Citifon mobile service, fixed wireless voice & data, Wimax broadband, VSAT, PABX, IPLAN, VPN, hotspot, and video conference.

Citifon, a product of Telikom PNG provides mobile service with competitive call and data rates with coverage available to most urban centers around the country.

In terms of mobile service, Telikom’s shares in Bmobile have been transferred to the Independent Public Business Corporation, thus Bmobile is a separate entity from Telikom since 2008. Radio broadcaster Kalang Advertising is one or two subsidiary companies with Telikom staking 100 percent ownership and 54 percent share for PNG directories.


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