Eda Ranu

NCD Water & Sewerage Pty Ltd, trading as Eda Ranu, formally took control of the supply of water and sewerage services in Port Moresby from the National Capital District Commission (NCD) on 1st November 1996.

Leading up to 1996, the network of water and sewerage services were stretched beyond limits. Many areas were experiencing days without these much needed services and water carts were a common sight.

The last major upgrade to the water and sewerage network was carried out by the Australian Department of Housing and Construction between 1971 and 1973. The approximate population served then was 150,000.

By 1993 the population had since doubled. In the same year the government commissioned Japanese International Cooperate Agency (JICA) to undertake the study and present their recommendation to the government.

The study concluded that water supply and sewerage services networks were outdated, undersized for the present demand and would require a major capital works programme to meet the city’s requirements. JICA also recommended that a separate entity solely dedicated to managing the water and sewerage services in NCD be established.

On JICA’s recommendation, the Government established Eda Ranu and the National Capital District Water and Sewerage Act 1996. The Act governs the operations of Eda Ranu.

Eda Ranu is the local Motu language for “Our Water”.

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