Minister Micah meets IPBC and SOE heads

The new Minister for Public Enterprises, Mr Ben Micah, today held meetings with the management of IPBC and
the heads of State Owned Enterprises, to familiarise them with the action plans of the new O’Neill Government.
Mr Micah emphasised the need for improved levels of service delivery to the people of Papua New Guinea, and
for a better standard of service.

“We have five years in which to make a difference to people’s quality of life – not just in Port Moresby but in
every corner of the nation,” he said.

“I expect IPBC and SOEs to lift their performance levels to meet the demands of the new Government.

“Voters are entitled to see tangible results from their taxes and from the fees charged by SOEs, and I am here to
see that they get results.”

Mr Micah, who was a former head of the Privatisation Commission, the forerunner to IPBC, said little had been
achieved in the 10 years since then.
“Services to the people have declined while prices have risen. Our infrastructure is falling apart. SOEs, which
provide our most critical services and infrastructure, are in no better shape,” he said.

“Over a long period of time they have not been given adequate funding from the Government, they have not
been shown decisive leadership, and their management capacity and technical skills have gone backwards.”

Mr Micah said there had been no cohesive strategy for delivering quality, reliable and affordable services and

He said SOEs and other State agencies had been operating in isolation from each other.

“I want to change that,” he said. “I want to bring as wide a range of State instrumentalities and agencies as
possible together under the one roof,” he said.

“By making sure everyone is pulling together under the direction of the Public Enterprises Ministry, and working
in co-operation, I am sure we can achieve results that otherwise would not have been possible.”
Mr Micah said he would also be looking very closely at the structure of SOEs and how they implement projects.

“I will examine any and every alternative – including privatisation, Public-Private Partnerships, outsourcing,
contracting, anything – to get services moving and critical infrastructure built and operating. That is what the
O’Neill Government was elected for, and I intend to deliver.”


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