Water and Sanitation

Port Moresby Sewage System Upgrade Project (POMSSUP)

The Independent Public Business Corporation is the implementing agency for POMSSUP,

which involves the upgrading of the existing coastal sewerage system currently operated by Eda Ranu. The Government of Japan through Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is funding the project, along with the Government of Papua New Guinea.

The aim of the project is to improve hygiene and sanitation in Port Moresby thereby reducing the risk of contracting waterborne diseases.

The project will also have positive outcomes for the environment. In preventing discharge of untreated sewage into the ocean, the maritime environment is protected thus improving the diversity of the coastal ecosystem which will in turn uplift commercial fishing potential and recreational development potential.

In 2015, the Project team intends to (a) complete tender and selection of a Contractor; (b) complete Contract Negotiation; and (c) commence Construction and Reticulation Work. Given the changes in the design, it was practical to separate the civil works with construction of the original 2012 design being implemented through the JICA Loan funding whilst the balance for the increased system capacity to be financed externally by the Government of PNG . These works will start in 2015. Completion of the compulsory acquisition of the STP site remains outstanding and is critical towards the continued progress of the Project.  IPBC intends to complete this process in 2015.

IPBC’s Key Deliverables for 2015:


  • POMSSUP South West (JICA Funded Project): Complete procurement process for the Contractor via competitive bid.Pre-Construction Administration: Mobilize the Pre-Construction Supervision Team and issue the commencement order to the Contractor. Start Construction: Branch Sewer, Trunk Sewer, and Pumping Stations Construction(s).
  • POMSSUP North West Coastal Catchment (From Papa Lea to Hanuabada, including, but not limited to, Kanudi, Idubada, Hagara, Hanuabada.) Feasibility Study and Report, Concept Design, Preliminary Design, Final Design Report, Design, and Tender documentations & BOQ
  • POMSSUP South West – Stage 2(Includes, but not limited to Pari, as well as Kila Kila Village and Taikone/Vabukori). Detail Design STP, Trunk and Reticulation system, prepare bidding documents, present bidding documents to IPBC, obtain IPBC concurrence, and Bid Invitations.