Port Sale Agreement: Post-Courier gets it Wrong

Wednesday October 29, 2014 – The Managing Director of IPBC Mr Wasantha Kumarasiri has today confirmed that IPBC is considering initiating legal action against the Post-Courier newspaper.

Mr Kumarasiri described an article that appeared on page 3 today under the heading “Govt red-faced over port sale blunders” as grossly malicious, incorrect and deliberately misleading.

“The Post-Courier attended and witnessed the signing of the Port Sale Agreement yesterday (Tuesday October 28, 2014). To say the document was not signed is purely and simply incorrect and maliciously intended to mislead the public and damage the reputation of the Government and IPBC,” Mr Kumarasiri said.

“There was a protracted delay yesterday, we agree. The Post-Courier described the delay as a ‘blunder’ whereas in fact the media was there to freely witness a process of due diligence. Contract signing can be a protracted science at times, but it needs to be an exact science. In fact the media witnessed part of the process of due diligence and we were very open and transparent about it.”

“This now makes us wonder about the ability of the Post-Courier to conduct its own business in an honest and fair manner, as on this occasion it has failed in its obligation to provide accurate reporting and failed in its duty to uphold media ethics,” Mr Kumarasiri added.