1. The Corporation shall administer the Trusts and monitor the performance of the assets of the Trusts in such manner as provided under this Act and shall perform such other functions as are required under this Act.
  2. Without limiting the generality of Subsection (1) but subject to the provisions of this Act, the Corporation
    1. may undertake the function of holding and monitoring corporation for State owned assets and Majority State Owned Enterprises; and
    2. may undertake the function of planning, coordinating and managing State assets, infrastructure and projects;and
    3. may determine policies regarding
      1. the conduct of its affairs and the affairs of any of the Trusts; and
      2. the administration, management and control of the Corporation and any of the Trusts; and
    4. may borrow, raise or otherwise obtain financial accommodation in Papua New Guinea; and
    5. may advance money or otherwise make financial accommodation available to the State or State Owned Enterprises; and
    6. may act as a central borrowing and capital raising authority for State Owned Enterprises; and
    7. may act as agent for State Owned Enterprises in negotiating, entering into and performing financial arrangements; and
    8. may provide a medium for the investment of funds of State Owned Enterprises; and
    9. may manage or cause to be managed by the Corporation’s financial rights and obligations; and
    10. has such other functions and duties as are prescribed by this Act or any other Act.